7 Landscape Supplies That Can Beautify Your Home

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7 landscape supplies that can beautify your home - santa cruz caLooking to create a healthier, more natural, and aesthetically pleasing landscaping scheme on your lot?

To accomplish that goal, you will need a well-thought-out plan, some creativity, a willingness to work and “get your hands dirty,” and a carefully selected array of greenery.

But plants, plans, and elbow grease alone won’t be enough. You will also need some top-quality landscape supplies to turn your vision into a reality.

Landscaping in Santa Cruz

Landscaping santa cruz - caLiving in or around Santa Cruz, California, puts you in immediate proximity to numerous iconic natural wonders: sand-swept beaches, towering redwoods, majestic peaks, and sea-carved rock formations are all around you.

Why not make your own backyard a well-organized bastion of natural beauty as well? Make it a place you can relax in and enjoy, while simultaneously boosting your home’s resale value.

And to ensure your landscaping endures through the dry Santa Cruz summer season, be sure you incorporate drought-resistant plants and locally endemic foliage into your arrangement. But before you start planting, think through what hard scape materials you will need to complement the greenery.

Seven Landscaping Supplies to Incorporate into Your Plan

Everyone’s specific landscape layout and the items they need to implement it will, of course, differ. But here are seven key product options to seriously consider:

1. Decorative Boulders

Decorative boulders - santa cruz caNatural stone comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes, but lining your walking paths or outfitting your entry areas or your garden with assorted boulders can liven up your landscaping like few other things can.

And carefully arranged boulder piles (or “towers”) make great centerpieces in both front yard and back.

2. Pebble Stones

Pebble stones - santa cruz caSome of the smallest rocks you can buy, and also among the smoothest and most attractive, are pebble stones. Choose pebbles of blue, red, white, black, or any hue you desire to carry on your theme.

Pebbles surrounding stepping stones or covering the ground around your pool or along your home’s foundation have a pleasant and strong visual impact.

3. Multiple Mulches

Multiple mulches - santa cruz caTo help trees, shrubs, and flowers retain moisture after you water or to make land not conducive to vegetative growth still appealing, mulch is the answer.

But don’t use just any mulch: select from a wide variety of specific types, including golden nuggets, gorilla hair, playground fibar, bark, and treated redwood sawdust. And don’t be afraid to use more than one!

4. Additional Dirt

Additional dirt - santa cruz caYou may think the one thing you don’t need to purchase as a landscape supply is dirt. But there are times when importing soils can be beneficial.

You may just need extra fill dirt for a retaining wall or to fill in unwanted ditches in your yard. But added topsoil might be needed to help your sod stay healthy, and mushroom compost would be a huge boost to your gardening endeavors.

5. Sand and Gravel

Sand and gravel - santa cruz caPaths and plant surrounds are one use for gravel, and sandboxes are an obvious use of sand, but there is more to consider.

To ensure your lot drains properly, installing pipes and fittings, covered in sand-infused gravel and then overlaid with top soil, may be a necessity.

6. Pavers and Bricks

Pavers - santa cruz caNot only driveways but walkways and patios too are highly durable and extremely beautiful when constructed of stone pavers or best quality services.

When properly installed, the bricks/pavers will reinforce one another and will resist winter damage better than concrete can. And the patterning possibilities that these products represent are endless.

7. Bender Board

Bender board - santa cruz ca

Finally, we mention a great product for wrapping around your plant-and-mulch zones or keeping gravel from drifting out of place.

Bender board lets you create curves with ease and is strong and weather-resistant for long durability.

To learn more about the landscape supplies that can help you transform your yard into a veritable work of art, in Santa Cruz County, CA, contact Central Home Supply. (And feel free to peruse our online offers and see what we carry.)

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