How To Improve The Design Of The Traditional Retaining Wall?

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Retaining walls are almost everywhere you look in gardens and landscapes. You may even have one in your garden. What is a retaining wall? A retaining wall’s purpose is to retain the soil behind it, while there is no soil present on the other side. The retaining wall must be reliable and durable, as the pressure behind a wall like this can be immense because of all of the soil and moisture that accumulates there. A retaining wall usually has to hold back a ton of land and water, so considerable knowledge and experience is compulsory before building one.

The traditional retaining wall design can be somewhat boring. Here, we shall discuss how to improve the design of your standard concrete retaining wall with some of the materials that Central Home Supply offers. Take a look.

Choose Your Material for Your Retaining Wall

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Although a retaining wall is hugely practical, you mustn’t overlook the aesthetic component of retaining walls. As the retaining wall can have a significant impact on the look of your garden and establishment as a whole, taking your time when it comes to selecting the materials is a must.

Make sure you have a good idea of the overall look and design you want to achieve, as the material you select for your retaining wall can enhance this. A natural material, for example, could give your outdoor area a more rustic, homely feel than plain grey stone. However, stone can still look great and almost provide a more modern, sleek feel if that’s the look you’re going for!

When selecting your material for the retaining wall, make sure you also think about the materials used elsewhere in your garden. If you have a patio made from concrete pavers, then concrete blocks used in your retaining wall will enhance this nicely. There are concrete blocks you can purchase individually for creating retaining walls, and they make the job so much easier. However, you’re still not limited to that when it comes to retaining walls.

You can use numerous materials, and this will factor into the cost, your design tastes, and so on. For example, pressure-treated timbers or wood are popular material choices in rural settings.

Gabion wall

If you’re at a loss as to which retaining wall stones to buy, below you’ll find some suggestions. Remember, first; you should take into account your budget and the look you’re going for before you select your retaining wall material:

  • Interlocking Systems: Central Home Supply has a full range of styles and colors that are available for you to choose from in the form of an interlocking system. This system looks great, is sturdy, and can be tailored to your tastes easily.
  • Gabion Rock Walls: Gabion rocks are rocks of different shapes and sizes used in the construction of building a retaining wall. This is the perfect choice for a rugged and natural look, especially when using a mix of larger and smaller stones. Someone who wants to create a minimalist effect at home might choose gabion rock walls to bring some interest to the garden.
  • Stone Walls: Of course, Central Home Supply also has natural stones for your retaining wall. This gives less of a rugged appearance than gabion rocks but can still look great.
  • Convention Cinder Block: Again, this might not make the most attractive choice for everyone, but it can certainly create a substantial retaining wall that does the job it’s supposed to do.

Ask yourself the questions below to further help you make your decision:

  • What is our budget?
  • What is the overall aesthetic feel we are going for?
  • Who is building the wall?
  • Are we/they familiar with the material?

Building a Retaining Wall

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If you’re thinking of making a retaining wall in your garden, you’re going to need to figure out whether it’s something you’re going to do yourself, or whether you’re going to hire somebody to do it. You could build a wall of this height yourself, with it being the only 3 foot, and all you need is average DIY skills and a reasonably strong back. Anything taller should be left to the professionals. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to build a wall like this yourself or hire somebody else to do it for you. A professional will have all of the engineering skills needed, as well as be up to speed with the building codes that are relevant in your area.

Get in Touch with Central Home Supply Today for More Information

Retaining walls can be one of the essential parts of a garden, so you need a trustworthy retaining wall supplier to help you gather the right materials and get the right advice from.

Central Home Supply can help you. All you need to do is call us using the number on-site or get in touch using our contact form, and a friendly member of staff will get back to you as quickly as possible. We have a range of materials that can be used to improve the design of the traditional retaining wall, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’ve been thinking of doing this for some time.

We hope to hear from you soon!

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