Your Short Guide to Three Kinds of Retaining Walls

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Short guide to three kinds of retaining walls

Consider a retaining wall project if unstable and sloped terrains are making living harder.

Retaining walls can contain large and small hillsides (both uphill and downhill), prevent soil erosion, block landslides, and create a more useful area for paths, driveways, patios, and any construction that needs a flat surface. Unlike wood, the walls don’t rot or need to be replaced. Working with them is relatively straightforward, too.

Besides building a wall that will not rot out, you can find many pre-engineered wall systems that are just the right look for your project. Your retaining wall supplier in Santa Cruz can provide free quotations and advice, and are also happy to recommend an experienced contractor if you need.

Interlocking Retaining Wall SystemsInterlocking retaining wall system 1 central home supply - santa cruz ca

Interlocking retaining wall systems are perfect for homeowners or professionals looking to build a strong wall without using concrete or mortar.

There are many attractive styles of Pre-Engineered wall blocks that are good for walls up to 4 feet tall without needing to get a permit!

Some of the blocks rely on a system of pins to remain in place, but others come with a self-locking flange, so they are very strong and more than capable of retaining large hillsides. Allan block, Keystone, Geo Pro, Geo Max, Versa-Lok, and Estate Wall are just a few of these sturdy wall systems available at Central Home Supply. Homeowners can feel confident about doing their project right after speaking with our experienced sales staff, we take the time to make sure your project will be a success!

Gabion Rock WallsGabion rock wall ac bentley 1 central home supply - santa cruz ca

Gabion retaining rock walls are essentially the heavy-duty wire mesh cages that are filled with 4-8” chunks of granite. Gabion rock walls are environmentally friendly, and come with several advantages, including:

  • Easy to transport construction material
  • Gravel and rocks used in a gabion rock wall can endure decades of wear and tear
  • Gabion rock walls are highly versatile and can be used in creeks and steep ravines. They are a great solution because they are available in many sizes to suit your needs.

Stone WallsGabion stone wall

A stone retaining wall is an elegant and timeless look that is highly functional as well. Besides beautiful looks and adding value to your home, they are great for erosion control and creating a natural setting. A series of boulders with smaller stones stacked in between can be used to build strong retaining walls or create the decorative edging. At Central Home Supply you will find a vast selection of color, size, and texture for your next stone project. If you have a photo of your ideal material, let us know and we can find it or a solution for you. We also supply many types of thin veneer stone which are sliced thin to cover a traditional wall of concrete or cinder block, yet look like it was built from stone. With careful planning, you can achieve the appearance of a beautiful and natural-looking wall that will last for centuries!

Top BrandsPaver 2 central home supply - santa cruz ca

You can procure the materials for each of these walls from Central Home Supply. We are one of the largest retaining wall suppliers in Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, and Monterey counties. Our inventory holds products from popular brands, including Calstone, Basalite, Belgard, McNear, Keystone, Allan Block, GeoPro, and Versa-lok.


Strong, durable, and easy-to-install retaining wall systems. Central Home Supply offers a large collection of wall blocks to complement landscaping, and transform your outdoor living to best suit your needs and lifestyle. Browse our selection of interlocking retaining wall systems, Gabion rock walls, stone walls, conventional Cinderblock, and 20 kinds of dry stack retaining wall products. They are ideal for a number of landscaping projects; from decorative plaster walls to a garden or courtyard, with massive walls retaining an entire hillside.


Published on: Nov 17, 2017

Updated on: Sep 14, 2020

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