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Which Is The Best Natural Stone For Driveway And Wall Claddings

Which Is The Best Natural Stone For Driveway And Wall Claddings?

By Reed Santee / March 5, 2019

Natural stone is a beautiful choice for homeowners seeking to improve the appearance of their home. In particular, natural stone driveways and wall cladding can be both beautiful and practical, greatly enhancing the overall curb appeal of a property. If you intend to install or replace a natural stone driveway or wall cladding in the…

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Your Short Guide to Three Kinds of Retaining Walls

Your Short Guide to Three Kinds of Retaining Walls

By Reed Santee / November 17, 2017

Consider a retaining wall project if unstable and sloped terrains are making living harder. Retaining walls can contain large and small hillsides (both uphill and downhill), prevent soil erosion, block landslides, and create a more useful area for paths, driveways, patios, and any construction that needs a flat surface. Unlike wood, the walls don’t rot…

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Concrete or Stone Pavers Santa Cruz Stone Supplier Helps! - CA

Concrete or Stone Pavers? Santa Cruz Stone Supplier Helps!

By Reed Santee / October 9, 2017

The stone pavers adorning your garden or patio add to the architectural style of your home. Once installed, they last for several decades. No wonder, then, that homeowners spend a lot of time talking with stone and rock suppliers before making a purchase. They don’t have a choice. The only alternative to meticulous research is…

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Building Materials Supplier Santa Cruz - CA

What to Look for in a Building Materials Supplier

By Reed Santee / September 29, 2017

To ensure every home-improvement project achieves optimal results, learn how to identify the very best building material’s suppliers. Improving your home or business lot to increase curb appeal, create more usable outdoor space, and up to your property’s resale value requires a great vision, a detailed plan, and the right tools for the job. But…

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