What Is The Best Paving Material And Why?

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Best paving material

Interlocking Concrete Pavers are an excellent choice for all of your Driveway, Walkway, Patio, or Pool Deck projects. They are available in many styles and colors to match your home or landscape taste, and outperform asphalt or poured concrete for the lifetime of your home!

Interlocking Pavers not only give you much more flexibility in design, but they can also easily be moved and replaced should an underground pipe break and need repair, or you decide to add a Pathway or Parking Area at a later time.

Pavers can also provide greater safety for your family via better traction on a sloped path or driveway, or being less slippery surrounding a Pool Deck.

Besides the ease of installation and a large selection of styles to choose from, Pavers offer a plethora of perks in functionality as well!

Permeable or Pervious Pavers have become a great choice for helping to recharge groundwater and prevent runoff, and many times local water districts will offer rebate incentives to help bring down the cost of replacing an old lawn or unused planter area. More commonly, some Cities are mandating that a certain percentage of new construction be built using Permeable Paving, so if you wanted a traditional concrete driveway than another patio construction must be built with this type of paver…they still look fantastic, they just have a little gap between each paver to let water through and recharge aquifers!

Permeable paver

Best of all you can visit a homeowner friendly company like Central Home Supply to see these types of products displayed in their inspiring design courtyards. They are happy to show you around and provide free estimates, advice, and referrals for dependable local installers. They represent all major brands available!

Come look at our New Belgard Design Courtyard at 180 El Pueblo Rd, Scotts Valley to see an in-ground display!

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