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The stone pavers adorning your garden or patio add to the architectural style of your home. Once installed, they last for several decades. No wonder, then, that homeowners spend a lot of time talking with stone and rock suppliers before making a purchase. They don’t have a choice.

The only alternative to meticulous research is to be left with an expensive patio, garden path, or hardscaping that is neither aesthetically pleasing nor conforms to the high standards you wanted.

How to complete your homework before starting your next landscaping project?

An overview of the three categories of stone pavers is a nice place to start. That includes finding out what options are available to you.

Luckily for busy homeowners, there are only two primary categories of stone pavers.

  1. Concrete
  2. Stone

Even a brief acquaintance with them and their properties will help you make an educated decision about the best paver for your next project.

Concrete Pavers

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Concrete pavers are easy to construct and offer a large variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. The design possibilities are virtually limitless.

Choose a mold of your favorite shape, add dyes to improve the visual appeal, and you will have an infinite number of textures and finishes to choose from.

You can create triangles, squares, pentagons, or any polyhedron. When it comes to texture, you can get a natural stone look, a charming 21st-century appearance, or a mix of both.

The advantages of concrete pavers of other building materials include:

  • You can form different patterns on your floor.
  • Fire pits, steps, retaining walls, and other complementary materials chime in well with concrete pavers.
  • The choice of colors is unlimited for all practical purposes.
  • Concrete pavers are ideal for homeowners seeking a minimalist patio, entrance, garden path, or driveway.
  • Strength is another compelling reason for choosing concrete pavers. They are capable of withstanding the onslaught of elements for decades.
  • Because of their flexible creation process, concrete pavers can form a strong interlocking.
  • Concrete pavers are practically maintenance-free. Other than an occasional replacement from structural damage, they can be cleaned quite easily.

Natural Stone Pavers

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Natural stone grabs the attention of onlookers through its strength and subtlety. Its size, color, and texture reminds homeowners and visitors of nature and can transport them into a world where they can experience living outdoors in their yard.

Surfaces made from natural stone have been in use across many cultures and traditions for thousands of years. Their characteristics allow them to fit seamlessly with modern design.

Homeowners can choose from granite, slate, travertine, and sandstone. Granite is tough, has a high-end look, and is durable. Slate can be a colorful addition to your living space. Nothing is classier than travertine. And sandstone lends your property a style reminding you of something ancient.

Their advantages include:

  • Classy. You do not have to work hard to make natural stone pavers look natural. That’s what they are.
  • Incredibly strong. That’s especially true of granite, which is one of the strongest materials found on earth.
  • Organic beauty. Because of their design, natural stone pavers are capable of withstanding changes in architectural fashion gracefully. They will look as elegant 50 years from now, as they are in 2017.
  • Natural stone pavers possess a rich variety of rustic, earthy tones, making for a more beautiful aesthetic.
  • Unlimited design patterns. Stones are found in different sizes, colors, and patterns. You can combine them in several ways to get an endless variety of designs.
  • Regular sweeping and rinsing are all that’s needed to keep your high-quality stone building materials keeping.
  • Stone does not fade over time. Adding them to the patio, garden path, or hardscaping with increasing the value of your property.


Concrete and natural stone pavers are excellent choices for hardscaping. If you are looking for a quick job, concrete may be right for you. But if you are looking for something durable, go with natural stone pavers.

Still, can’t make your mind? Consult the Central Home Supply. Our stone and rock supplier experts will certainly help you.

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